Repair Policy

We understand that our customers have the right to expect our thermometers to give an accurate and useful operating life within the food production or retail environment.  This lifespan varies with the different conditions in which the thermometer is operating. In particular a combination of cable/probe stress, moisture, heat and shock all serve to reduce the life of the thermometer.

We understand that reliability and confidence in the test temperatures are of primary importance to all our customers.

It is our goal that every thermometer being returned after calibration/repair is as good as a new thermometer. To achieve this any part suspected of having a problem or potential problem is changed, i.e. thermometers with cables that are stressed, limp, crushed, frayed or suspected of causing an intermittent problem will have their probes changed. Those with moisture damage to the electronics, cracked displays or intermittent problems with the meter will have the electronics changed.

We believe that it’s not just good enough to return the thermometer as good as new it must also look as good as new. Where necessary we will change the case on repairs and calibrations.