Thermometer Specifications

Round, Robust, heat resistant and highly polished for easy clean.

Water resistance to our specifications
With No On/Off Switch and no accessible battery compartment, the thermometer is totally sealed against moisture. This means they can be used in more hazardous areas like cooking, production, fridges etc.

Permanently On.

Battery Life
5 Years Plus, Replaced during Calibration

Al our thermometers are Calibrated to National Standards.

The Calibration Certificate gives a reading of 0.1°C at 0.0°C on all Green Thermometers. This 0.1°C is repeatable and stable and can be checked using the Zero test. See back page “Application Guide” for more details on Calibration checks.

The Probe and Meter are as one i.e. no connector. The quoted accuracy is given for the combined system error of both probe and thermometer.

Range -20°C to 120°C ± 0.4°C ± 1 digit

Range -50°C to -20°C ± 1°C ± 1 digit

PROBE STRAIGHT: (4mm diameter tube 2ft cable)

PTFE Cable
Withstands temperature from -150°C to 200°C This allows the probes to be inserted in product while it is being cooked (oven temps up to 150°C) Extra cable is recommended for this purpose.

All tubes and fittings are stainless steel. There is a range of probes to meet different applications

(1) Straight handle for use in liquid or soft product

(2) T-Loop handle, allows a push, pull, twist action

(3)Stem type where steel probe comes directly out of case. These probes are very durable.

(4)Between Pack (low mass)

(5)Air Probe Short Stem, low cost probe for use in Chillers, Display Cabinets, etc.

(6)Air Probe with 1m lead, a low cost indicator for Freezers, Chillers, Hot Serve Overs, etc.

Repair and Calibration Policy
It is our policy that all thermometers should be returned and working good as new. They should also look as good as new. Cases will be changed during Repair/Calibration, if they are damaged or scuffed (included in the fixed cost).

There is no limit on age. At Sensor-Tech we are proud that an increasing number of our thermometers are in everyday use in excess of 10 years.

No Ambient Effects
These thermometers do not require stabilisation. Use direct from office to cold store, a temperature difference of 40°C without any error.

With a permanently displayed temperature and long battery life (up to 10 years), these thermometers can be used in virtually any application, replacing Glass Mercury and Bimetal Dial Thermometers etc. within the temperature ranges -50°C to 120°C. Mounting the meter on the outside of a chiller/freezer and wiring the probe in through a 6mm hole in the wall gives a permanent display of the temperature, removable for calibration. The 6mm diameter Stem types have a range of BSP fittings which allows them to be mounted on pipe lines and tanks etc. A longer 6mm (up to 2 metres) can be used to measure Bulk-Grain.